T-HIMT.COM (Thakurji - Hind International Medicare Tourism) is a professionally managed trusted international medical tourism company based in Delhi/NCR, INDIA (BHARAT) and providing a stress-free travel experience to people who are considering medical treatment and wellness therapy abroad in a safe environment.

We, at T-HIMT.COM, also help overseas patients looking for good medical care services and treatment facility in India. Right from contacting us to getting cured, we ensure that the medical care services you avail is unseamed and your stay and healthcare is hassle free. We help provide medical care at JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) Hospitals and Clinics.


India is one of the key players in the medical tourism industry as it strives to provide health care services with cutting-edge technology. India holds an advantage as a Medical Tourism destination due to the following factors:

  • Most of the medical practitioners and surgeons at Indian Hospitals are well trained or have worked at some or other time in the leading medical institutions of the world.
  • Most of medical practitioners and nurses are fluent in English.
  • Top of the line and diagnostic equipment from international conglomerates are available at many Indian hospitals.
  • The cost of quality of medical procedures and services are low in India when compared to other countries competitors in the field.


We help you choose from among the best multispeciality hospital and expert

experienced doctors for better health care at an affordable price.

Completely free consultation. JCI & NABH accredited hospitals.      

Dedicated personal Assistance. Your comfort & safety is our priorty.  

We remove obstacles in the path to get quality treatment and try to make

        healthcare accessible to everyone.

How We Help

We offer the choice of Second medical opinion for our Global guests. Once a patient or his medical attendants decide to get the medical treatment done in India, we ask them to scan and e-mail us the relevant Medical Reports (MRIs, CT Scans, X-Ray Films, Ultrasound and other pathology and lab reports) and a brief about the medical history of the patient, present and past health complaints and medications, age and co morbid factors like diabetes and hypertension.

We then share these reports with leading Indian medical specialists doctors from different world-class hospitals and Ask them about the treatment course, cost and success rates. We also give the choice of a Second Medical Opinion (depending on treatment required and expertise of treating doctor) to our Global guests to compare the treatment cost and course from leading Indian specialists of different hospitals and help them choose a hospital and doctor which provides the best cure and is within their budget.


To promote INDIA (BHARAT) as a best healthcare tourism destination globally in the field of Allopathic (modern) medicine, & Ayurveda(The Indian traditional Vedic system of medicine) And Yoga & meditation practices for a healthy living.